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I’m Ben. I’m a Seattle and Nairobi based mechanical engineer, maker, and designer.  I studied at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, a unique school of 350 students outside of Boston. Originally, I’m from Ticonderoga, NY in the  Adirondack Mountains. When I’m not engineering, I love to explore outdoors: hiking, biking, skiing, or unicycling, I also enjoy whistling, machining, soap making and contradancing. I love building and creating life-changing technologies that solve big, meaningful challenges.  Here you will see projects that I have worked on in the last few years.  Please check them out!


2 thoughts on “Ben

  1. Hi Ben

    I am trying to construct a similar eco freeze project on my off grid property. I have been trying to find contact information for Tom Tailer who you have worked with on the original project. I am looking for hel pwith the calculations to determine the amount of bottles needed, solution concentration, etc. Any help would be greetaly appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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