Four-Thumbtack Bike Hanger

A fun, small project from Spring ’13 was the bike-rack I built with Gabby Waldman-Fried and David Pudlo.  In Olin’s dorms, we are not allowed to attach things to the walls using any method other than thumbtacks.  Our goal was to make a rack that lets you hang your bike on the wall, but only attaches to the wall using thumbtacks.  We tried several designs and developed one that works really well!  We initially attached it to the wall with 40 thumbtacks, then removed them one by one.  We were surprised and happy to find that this bike rack works reliably with only 4 thumbtacks holding it up!


The rack is made from three pieces of aluminum sheetmetal, two nylon straps, and a block of pink foam. The upper metal pieces are tacked to the wall and support the straps. The straps need to be fairly long to direct the force in a predominately vertical direction. The lower metal piece cradles the top-tube of your bike, and the foam block spaces your bike out away from the wall.

20130506160852 20130506161441 Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 12.52.11 AM


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