Annualized Geo-Solar Building Design

In Spring and Fall of 2012 I have been investigating and creating the design of a concept building that might get built on campus in the next few years.  The Living Lab will have classroom and greenhouse space and will be designed to collect and store enough heat during the summer to stay warm all winter.
Drawing2 ll2 drawing3

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One thought on “Annualized Geo-Solar Building Design

  1. Ben,

    Interesting design. Did this get built or is it still in progress?

    I was wondering why you didn’t use more PAHS principles in this building. It seems that you could leave the insulation off of most of the back
    wall and install it instead in the earth behind the building. You have also designed two (that I can see) thermal short circuits into the building. One each where the front and back walls come to the ground surface. If you install the insulation on the outside of the walls and then tie it into the wing insulation, you will have a much more effective thermal envelope. I don’t know if you have it in there already, but you could easily add some water shed abilities to the wing/wall insulation so that you will increase your thermal storage and buffering areas. This will make the whole thing more effective and efficient.

    You will lose a lot of heat through the sloping glazing on the front of the building if the school is in a northern-tier state (US). Heat storage will need to be extensive, so you will want to maximize the heat storage volume.

    If you don’t have it already, you should get John Haitt’s book on Passive Annual Heat Storage. While you seem to be going with more of the AGS philosophy, Haitt’s book does an excellent job of laying out all of the little details that can hurt you (or help you) in this kind of scheme. I think a firm grasp of all of the concepts is a must.

    This is a very good start. Good luck with your project. Please post your results.


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