For my Design Nature class in the fall of 2010, I built a device inspired by several hopping insects with the goal of jumping as high as possible using less that 3 joules of stored energy.


My design process started by observing jumping insects and figuring out how they jump.

Scan 2

I thought of many ways I could get a machine to jump and sketched out six of them.


From those six, I chose two to make foam sketch models of. My model did jump, but not very high.


I put the model into CAD and did a motion simulation which estimated that it would jump well over a meter high.


Here are the parts laid out to be cut out of Delrin on the laser.


The “loaded” position has the feet up and a trigger is released by the slow-expanding foam.


When the trigger is released, the feet rotate down and push the body up into the air.


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